Switch Kit

switch to NBGHere at NBG, we understand how complicated moving your bank accounts can be, so we created the following simple steps to make your transition smooth and trouble-free.

STEP 1: Direct Deposits

Complete a Direct Deposit Change Authorization  for each direct deposit coming into your account.  Some examples of Direct Deposits are payroll, government payments, interest income payouts, retirement distributions, market dividends, etc.

STEP 2: Electronic Payments

Complete an Electronic Payment Change Authorization for each payment drafted electronically from your account.  Examples of Electronic Payments are mortgage, insurance premiums, credit cards,  utilities, court ordered payments, etc. (Payments made through Online Banking Bill Pay do not require an Electronic Payment Change Authorization form)

STEP 3: Online Bill Pay

Cancel or delete all recurring Online Bill Payments setup through the old bank’s Online Banking system.

STEP 4: Confirm All Checks Have Cleared The Old Account(s)

Funds will need to be maintained in the account being closed long enough for all outstanding transactions to clear.  Closing the account prematurely could cause payments to be returned with the designation “ACCOUNT CLOSED”.  Returned payments may result in late fees and/or returned check charges.

STEP 5: Close The Old Account

Complete a Close Account Request for each account to be closed.  A Cashier’s or Bank Check should be requested for the proceeds in the account(s).  The check should include the balance in the account plus accrued interest, if applicable.  

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact one of our Customer Service Specialist at

706-355-3122 (Athens)  770-535-9012 (Gainesville)

Thank you for choosing NBG.  We look forward to our relationship.